kesariya balam (Raag Maand)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

kesariya balam in difrant flavors .
this song base on raag maand .

raag maand 
raag maand with Ustad Sultan Khan and Ustad Zakir Hussain 

kesariya balam from movie DOR
Rajasthani folk song based on Raag Maand. Maand is a classical style of folk music centered on the romantic life-style of Rajasthan's rulers, and Maand Raag recreates the old world charm and graceful dances of the desert. 
 kesariya balam with Hariharan Ji and Jason Taj
Folk Music of Rajasthan Kesariya Balam ...@ Rajasthan
Maand - Kesariya baalam padhar maaro des - Jameel Khan Manganiar & Party 
kesariya balam by mehdi hassan
Light Classical Mehdi Hassan one of the best singing eve 
 kesariya balam  from movie lekin sung by Lata mangeshkar 
music by pandit hridaynath mangeshkar


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